The Author

An Elvis fan since childhood, Patrick Franc was born and raised on the north shore of Montreal, Québec, Canada. He was introduced to Elvis’ music by his parents as a young boy in the 70’s. His musical tastes are extremely broad, with Elvis Presley being at the forefront of his passion for great music. About 10 years ago, Patrick started singing in rock cover bands who’ve performed in bars and clubs in and around Montreal. In 2011, he was approached by an old friend who was the artistic director of a local music festival to do a tribute to Elvis. He and his band created a show called “ELVIS ROCKS”. The show’s main distinction was that it was not an imitation, but rather, a tribute to the music. It featured an array of new contemporary rock versions of many of Elvis’ songs, some of which were inspired by the “Viva Elvis” show in Vegas. The show was accented by a talented female singer who co-fronted the band. The music and the show rekindled Patrick’s love for Elvis’s music and inspired him to start this blog.

Patrick currently lives in the suburbs of Montreal with his family and works as a freelance web designer and project manager out of his home studio.